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2017 Award Winners


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Stanley A. Gillman Memorial Best in Show Award
Award Artist Title Prize
  Melissa Weinman Journey: Carried $500
Morrie & Joan Alhadeff Purchase Award
  Rosalie Thun Training on a Fall Morning $450
  Vivian McMeekin Geometric Horse $90
Pat Hallowell Memorial Publication Award
  Erica Norean Blind Faith $500
on a future
Equine Art Purse Trophy Purchase Award
in memory of Vivian F. McMurry
  Diane Frederick Race to the Rim $450
Equine Art Committee Poster Award
for publication on 2017 art show poster
  Whitney Anderson Summer Palomino $100
  Julie Blakemore Looking Back $100
  Tim Bradley Fire Horses $100
People's Choice Award
Voted on by those in attendance throughout the show
Tie Ryan Hill Huya Commemorative Ribbon
Tie Wayne Nagai Best Friends Forever Commemorative Ribbon


The Campbell Award for Oil

1st Place Karen Leback Grazing Time $200
2nd Place Richard Heisler Bay $150
3rd Place Nina Mikhailenko Bear Paw Nez Perce $100
Tom Chapman Songbird $50

Dr. Donald & Beverly Turner and Phil & Sarah Saitta Award for Acrylic

1st Place Rosalie Thun Training on a Fall Morning $200
2nd Place Erica Nordean Elemental $150
3rd Place Jeanne Hamilton Number 4 $100
Julie Blakemore Looking Back $50
Vivian F. McMurry Memorial Award for Watercolor
1st Place Nina Mikhailenko Pulling Up $200
2nd Place Chris Rankin Salt Spray $150
3rd Place Nancy Powell Kind Eye $100
Mary O'Haver Water Horses $50
Doctor Pav Award for Mixed Media
1st Place Christina Fairley Erickson In Klimt's Corral $200
2nd Place Whitney Anderson Summer Palomino $150
3rd Place Karen Leback Parade Time $100
Carol A. Fry Waiting $50
Jean G. Barclay Memorial Award for Pastel & Drawing
1st Place Jayne Wozow Feelings $200
2nd Place Stephanie Cardinal Artemis $150
3rd Place Mary McInnis Shadowfax $100
Claire Luster Seattle Slew $50
Oak Crest Farm (Jack & Theresa Hodge) Award for Sculpture
1st Place Janice Hoagland Hanging on to My Dream $200
2nd Place Colleen Cotey Shoot the Moon $150
3rd Place Mindy Z. Colton Globe Trekker $100
Randee Crisman Get Up & Go $50
David L. Parks Memorial Award for Objet d'Art
1st Place Diane Frederick Race to the Rim $200
2nd Place Joanna Thomas Untitled (Artful) $150
3rd Place Susie Heuscher Fluted Rim Horse Bowl $100
Joanna Thomas Untitled (Ack Ack) $50
Makors Finale Award for Photography
in memory of Duane Hamamura
1st Place Pamela Beattie Running to Win $200
2nd Place Tim Bradley Untitled $150
3rd Place Tim Bradley Fire Horses $100
Jeff Metz Muddy Faced Gary Stevens $50
Gordy & Connie Jarnig Award for Digital Art
1st Place Heather Sacha Taking a Hold $200
2nd Place Janette M. Stiles Horses of a Different Color $150
3rd Place Kimberly Wales Wide Open Spaces $100
Adrian Johnson A Gathering of Herbivores $50
El Dorado Farms Intermediate Division Award
(13 to 18 years)
1st Place Olivia Stocker Rulers of the Sand $100
2nd Place Erin Moine Apache Wind $75
3rd Place Isha Sangani Chetak $50
Vivian McMeekin Monoprint Horse Head $25
Griffin Place Pre-Teen/Children's Division Award (12 years & under)
1st Place Paulina Vazquez Mixed Beauty $50
2nd Place Alexis Christian Snowy Day $35
3rd Place Eric Romeo Escovar Hershey $20

Porter Beckman, Eric Romeo Escovar, Fernando Romeo Escovar, Bella Gonzalez, Monica Guzman, Daniel Zakar Iyaka, Xlaleemar Manuel, Alexa Monahan, Taylor Mozee, Winneka Obedoza, Nedia Ryder, Riley Sheasley, Miya Thomas

$5 ea.


Thank You to our Panel of Distinguished Judges:
Petra Lewin
Philip Red Eagle
Judy Ryan

2017 Poster Artists
Patricia Doyle
Heather Sacha
Caroline Sumpter

Heartfelt Thanks to These Category Sponsors:
Kenneth & Marleen Alhadeff (Morrie & Joan Alhadeff Purchase Award)
Michael & Marjorie Alhadeff (Morrie & Joan Alhadeff Purchase Award)
Rozamund Barclay (Jean G. Barclay Memorial Award for Pastel & Drawing)
Don & Gretchen Campbell (The Campbell Award for Oil)
Ron & Wanda Crockett (Angie Crockett Memorial Best in Show Award)
Terry & Mary Lou Griffin (Griffin Place Pre-Teen & Children’s Division Award)
Ron and Nina Hagen (El Dorado Farms Intermediate Division Award)
Dr. A. L. Hallowell & Lynn Hallowell (Pat Hallowell Memorial Publication Award)
Jack & Theresa Hodge (Oak Crest Farm Award for Sculpture)
Gordy & Connie Jarnig (Gordy & Connie Jarnig Award for Digital Art)
Karl & Darlyne Krieg (Makors Finale Award for Photography)
Pamela McMurry Larsen
(Equine Art Purse Trophy Award in memory of Vivian McMurry)
Tim McMurry (Equine Art Purse Trophy Award in memory of Vivian McMurry)
Elaine Parks (David L. Parks Memorial Award for Objet d’Art)
Dr. Robert Pavalunas (Dr. Pav Award for Mixed Media)
Phil & Sarah Saitta
(Dr. Donald & Beverly Turner / Phil & Sarah Saitta Award for Acrylic)
Dr. Donald & Beverly Turner
(Dr. Donald & Beverly Turner / Phil & Sarah Saitta Award for Acrylic)

Special Thanks to
Emerald Downs
for hosting the Preview Party and judges’ luncheon
Drew & Jamie Baker
for sponsoring the wine and beer

Art Show Committee
Jack Hodge, Co-chairperson
M. Anne Sweet, Co-chairperson
Don Campbell
Tara Homfeldt
Elaine Parks
Sarah Saitta
Karen Saxon
Nancy Smith
Tami Smith
Terri Smith
Don & Beverly Turner
Ralph Vacca

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